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Justine Birotte-Sanchez, MD, Faith Family Health Care
Maria Justine Birotte-Sanchez, MD

Maria Justine Birotte-Sanchez, MD, is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at The Rutgers University School of Medicine in Newark NJ, The Felician College School of Nursing in NJ, and the owner of FFHC. She is a well-versed and much appreciated family practitioner serving patients in private practice at the two Faith Family Health Care locations in Plainfield, New Jersey. Her oustanding work in medical education and clinical practice have resulted in Dr. Birotte-Sanchez being a three-time Most Favored Doctor Award winner.  


Dr. Birotte-Sanchez has nine years of experience in family medicine and is also an attending physician at Saint Peter's University Hospital, a Roman Catholic hospital in New Brunswick, NJ; as well as at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth, NJ.


Trained at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, she is certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine and remains a member of the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians where she serveS as a member of the Board of Directors of Quality Assurance. Dr. Birotte-Sanchez is also a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Chana Zablocki, MD

Family Medicine



Faith Family Health Care (FFHC) is comprised of dedicated professionals committed to the values and principles of family and preventative medical services. FFHC is made up of skilled clinicians providing and coordinating a broad range of evidence-based and holistic health care approaches for individuals and families throughout their lives. FFHC offers a continuum of care to our patients throughout their lives.



As a primary care practice, FFHC values: 
The trust placed in us by our patients, our specialized peers, and our communities;

The privilege of being the personal health care providers for the individuals and families who are our patients; 

The role we play in meeting the changing health care needs of the people of neighborhood; 

The need and interest of our patients, and the patient-doctor relationship that is central to all we do.


Seasonal Health Tips from FFHC


Pool & Water Safety

Staying Healthy at the Pool & Beach

  • Shower before and after going into a swimming pool.


  • Stay out of the water if you’ve had diarrhea in the last 2 weeks to help protect others from infectious germs.


  • Try not to swallow recreational water.


  • Avoid swimming or playing near places where storm water is released on the beach.


  • Stay out of the water for at least 24 hours after a storm.








Cold, Flu or Allergy?

Learn To Tell The Difference

Common Cold

  • Symptoms last up to 2 weeks

  • Stuffy, runny nose; sore throat; cough

  • Treated with rest, fluids, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to ease symptoms


Seasonal Flu

  • Symptoms usually last 1-2 weeks

  • High fever (100-102 °F, or higher in youngsters), headache, aches and pains, weakness, exhaustion, cough, chest discomfort

  • Treated with rest, fluids, OTC medicines, prescription antiviral drugs


Airborne Allergy

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